Quick Facts



  • Reels5
  • Pay-lines243
  • Free SpinsYes

Wild Orient

wild-orient-slot-logoWild Orient is the newest soon to be released title by Microgaming, due May 2016. This slot machine is themed around East and Southeast Asia, and the different wild animals that inhabit that area of the world, like elephants, tigers, pandas, monkeys and such.

The visual design of this game is of a fairly good quality, even though it isn’t the most inspired artwork out there. It offers an interesting play style, eschewing traditional paylines for a system where you get combinations based on the presence of the same symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost one. This set-up gives you 243 different ways to win.


Microgaming is one of the best established companies in the industry, a true pioneer of the online casino business, claiming to have started the first one on the year of their foundation, in 1994. Based on the Isle of Man, they continue to offer some of the best products on the market.

Microgaming also holds the record for the second biggest progressive jackpot payout ever, paying 13 million pounds in late 2015, with their Mega Moolah Mega jackpot, a jackpot attainable to any player using any Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot machines.

How to Play It

The interface is clean and straightforward, featuring a five by 3 set of reels. On the bottom of the screen, from left to right, you can: check your balance, set your bet level, view the amount you’ve won on each spin, hit the autoplay button, and hit the regular spin/stop button. On the bottom of each reel, you have the respin button for that reel, which lets you spin that particular reel again.

Special Features

Wild Orient’s most interesting special feature is the respin function. Each reel has a respin button beneath it that lets players spin that particular reel again, for a cost. This feature gives players the promise of more control over their plays, greatly expanding the game experience for players, and improving their odds of getting bigger and better combinations.

The game has a free spin feature, working in a quite conventional manner. Get a combination of scatter symbols, and you enter free spin mode. The spin that Microgaming gave to this feature is that they’ve made it so that you triple your earnings during free spin mode. We’d have to get our hands on it for all the details, like number of free spins per scatter combination, but this feature truly promises to be amazing. It does seem that respins are not available in free spin mode, though. A small sacrifice towards tripling your winnings, in my humble opinion.

Wild Orient also features another familiar feature, wild symbols. In this game, they feature the game’s title and an animation for whenever they come into play. They appear to work in the normal fashion, but under the rules for combination making in this title (several symbols on adjacent reels, not necessarily lined up). Wilds are a welcome sight in any slot machine, giving you the extra edge to complete that tiny combinations, or to improve that big win.

Maximum Payouts

Microgaming apparently hasn’t released the information on the maximum payout for this title yet. We’re confident this will be revealed in the next few weeks. Given Microgaming’s history of massive payouts for players, we can probably expect a fairly respectable amount.


Wild Orient seems like an interesting new game. Sure, the specific visual theme may not be the most original or interesting one, but it isn’t too unoriginal to make it bothersome.

The respin feature, even if you have to pay for each one, seems like an excellent way to improve your game experience, and take more control over your winnings. Once this game is out, it’ll surely be worth to give it a try, even if it’s not looking like the most dazzling video slot machine out in the market.

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