Novomatic’s latest title falls like an Autumn leaf

autumn-queen-logoGiven that the leading lady in Novomatic’s latest video slot is themed after the season of Autumn, you might wonder what they are thinking of releasing this game at the end of November.

The truth is, we think there’s been a bit of a hiccup somewhere. Not that Novomatic would be eager to admit it. The truth of the matter is that it is almost winter, so this slot has kind of missed the boat in that department.

Just because a slot is released outside of its schedule window, doesn’t necessarily make it a flop, though, does it? Not at all.

What makes Autumn Queen a flop is pretty much everything else about the game. Seriously, this is a slot machine which falls quicker than an Autumn leaf…

What we love

Surely not everything about the Autumn Queen slot is a bust? Well, no – but pretty much everything. We can see what Novomatic were thinking with the theme of this game. It’s not too bad of a concept. At least, it wouldn’t have been had the slot been released earlier in the season. Launching it right before winter just seems rather stupid.


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The jackpot isn’t too shabby. It is a lot better than the wagering system (which we’ll come to in a moment). Players can win as much as 500x their total bet if they play their cards right with this slot machine game. Even so, a half-decent jackpot is not going to save this slot.

It just needs to offer more. Everything it is offering that it thinks is a perk can actually be considered a hindrance. That’s just hard luck, it really is.

What we do not like

Virtually everything about it. This is a slot machine which features a rather silly wagering range to kick things off. It sees complex coins used instead of real money, so it is hard to gauge just how much you are actually spending. For the record, anything up to $60 a pop.

As for the symbols themselves, there are wilds, scatters, and a free spins bonus. In order to trigger the free spins bonus, you will actually need to land 5 of the scatter icons on the reels.

Yes, five of them. Mission impossible, indeed. Once you have triggered the feature, you “may” get to enjoy stacked wilds, but that is certainly not guaranteed. The wins in this feature also tend to be rather small.

Worth playing?

To be honest, and this is going to hurt, Autumn Queen isn’t even worth reviewing. We didn’t enjoy playing it for free, so there’s very little chance that you’re going to enjoy playing it with your hard earned cash.

If you’ve played at least a handful of Novomatic slots before, you will be well versed in everything that this slot has to offer. There is precious little new in the game. It is a shame, really, because, with a theme as original as this, Autumn Queen could have and should have been so much more.

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