How to use Paysafecard for casino deposits

paysafecard (2)There can be little doubt that for depositing your funds, nothing has better anonymity and security than Paysafecard. Paysafecard are accepted at virtually all of the top online casino sites, and they are known as a prepaid card.

Paysafecard is used predominantly for online gaming, and their superb system means that you never need to hand over any of your banking details to anybody. Currently, Paysafecard is available in 37 countries across the globe.

The company was founded in 2000, and they technically aren’t a card at all, they are more like vouchers. Players purchase pin codes from stores across the world, or they can buy them online. These codes are then used to purchase things online, like credit for an online casino site!

Casino deposits using Paysafecard

The first thing that any gamer needs to do if they wish to use Paysafecard to deposit funds, is to purchase a Paysafecard coupon.

You can find these in shops across the globe, or online. With your coupon in hand, you can now click on the Paysafecard icon on the cashier of your online casino site. Players must then enter the PIN code on the coupon, to load up their account with the amount of funds on the coupon. That is pretty much all there is too it.

Obviously since this is a prepaid card (or sorts), there are limits on how much you can actually deposit with Paysafecard. Generally, Paysafecard coupons can allow a player to deposit between $5 and $800 at any one time. There are of course, no fees or charges involved, and the process time is instantaneous.


Best PaySafeCard Casinos

Casino withdrawals using Paysafecard

You may have worked this out already! There is a slight problem with using Paysafecard when playing online casino games.

It is all very well to deposit funds using this method, but you’re stuck when it comes to withdrawing them. Paysafecard is a PIN code coupon, much like you have when you buy phone credit. Therefore, there is no way to withdraw money using this payment method.

Any player that wishes to use Paysafecard to deposit funds onto their online casino account is certainly going to have to come up with another plan for withdrawing it. Our personal choice is to use an e-wallet, although you could have uses an e-wallet all along. Withdrawing to your bank account is another alternative.

Casinos that use Paysafecard as a casino deposit method

Practically all of the major online casinos use Paysafecard. The list is vast, and using Paysafecard does have its advantages, which is why it continues to remain on the list of casino deposit methods. If you need a bit of help, some well-known casinos certainly accept Paysafecard.

You can find the Paysafecard payment method available at Ladbrokes Casino, Bet365 Casino, William Hill Casino, Roxy Palace Casino, 32 Red Casino, Betfred Casino, Euro Palace Casino, and virtually every other major online casino site in Europe, and in some cases, outside of Europe.

Alternative deposit bonuses using Paysafecard

As safe as it is, using a prepaid voucher to upload your funds does have its drawbacks, such as the inability to withdraw money using it, as we have seen.

It also comes with another set-back. Most players are unlikely to ever be eligible for an alternative deposit bonus, when using Paysafecard. This payment method is not commonly offered as one of those preferred by online casinos for alternative deposit bonuses.

Safety and security

It’s not all bad though, and for safety and security, you certainly can’t knock Paysafecard. This is 100% true: there is no payment method in online gaming safer than Paysafecard. The reason for this is because you have purchased a coupon code, a voucher if you will.

Nobody will ever know your banking details. Even an e-wallet’s log-in information can be hacked by the cleverest of thieves and fraudsters. But nobody can ever find out anything about your banking, when you enter a Paysafecard voucher into your account. It offers total security, and total anonymity.

Final notes on Paysafecard

The big question is does safety outweigh convenience? By and large most credit card and e-wallet transactions are locked down in virtually unbreakable security. So, security isn’t really that big of an issue for most gamers.

Paysafecard does offer you that added sense of security, albeit at a cost. The cost being, that you are going to have to find an alternative deposit method to withdraw your winnings with. The question is then, if you have to do that anyway (use an e-wallet or credit card to withdraw), why not use them all along?

If you are prepared to enter your bank details to receive money, why wouldn’t you be prepared to do it to deposit the money? It’s a difficult question, but that is because of the limitations of the Paysafecard payment method. The choice is up to you.

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