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  • Reels5
  • Pay-lines25
  • Free SpinsYes


maxresdefault-300x169The third installment of the NetEnt Rocks trilogy has just been announced: Motörhead. Due in September this year, this officially licensed slot machine somehow seems like a fitting tribute to Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead’s recently departed heart and soul. It is said that his nickname, Lemmy, arose from a phrase he apparently said to his friends all the time, before fame and riches: “Lend me a quid?” Guess for what that quid was? That’s right, to play slot machines. Sure, this is a somewhat apocryphal story, but it doesn’t make any less good given the circumstances.

There isn’t that much info out on this game yet, nothing besides its theme and release date. However, we can obviously expect plenty of Motörhead’s iconic songs, and the same 3D visual techniques that made the first title in the NetEnt Rocks trilogy (Guns N’ Roses) so good-looking.


Net Entertainment is one of the most important casino provider companies in the industry. Their games are developed for different platforms, as is usual these days. They have been around since 1996, so this company is no late-arrival in the business, they have the experience and the capabilities to keep themselves as one of the industry’s leaders, and they do.

NetEnt Rocks is their new series of slot machines, a homages to legends of rock. So far, there are three titles in the series: Guns N’ Roses (released Jan ’16), Jimi Hendrix (due April ’16), and Motörhead. The first title in the series was Net Entertainment’s most successful release ever, so hopes are definitely high for the still unreleased titles. We are certain that if this initial trilogy proves as successful as Guns N’ Roses, NetEnt will attempt to secure the licensing rights of other iconic rock bands, expanding the line. I, for one, look forward to that.

How To Play It

We haven’t played this game yet, and since its release date is over six months away, we doubt that there’s even anything remotely like a playable version in existence yet. This situation makes it difficult (no to say impossible), to report on this title’s user interface.

We can, however, make some educated guesses based on the first game in the trilogy, Guns N’ Roses. That game, like the overwhelming majority of virtual slot machines, has its UI elements at the bottom of the screen. It has the autoplay, max bet and regular spin buttons at the center of the UI bar. On the left side of the bar, you have the bet indicator and a control to set your bet level.

On the bar’s right side, you have an indicator with your current number of coins, and a control to set coin value. Guns N’ Roses controls are simple, typical of video slots. We are confident that Motörhead will have a similar, if not identical, UI bar.

Special features

There’s little to talk about in the way of special features here, since there is almost no info out on this game yet. Once again, however, we can engage in some educated speculation taking Guns N’ Roses as a model. Its special features include expanding wild symbols (which can occupy entire reels, plus parts of others, assuming different shapes) and random multipliers.

However, that game’s best features are its two minigames. Bonus rounds in that game take the form of a roulette minigame, where you can gain rewards like free spins. If you land on Crowd Pleaser on the roulette, however, you will enter that other minigame. Crowd Pleaser is a simple click to pick minigame, played in three stages.

You select instruments based on sound cues. Simple, but challenging, and it’s also a welcome departure from the typical slot machine game mechanic, where you are a passive observer for all purposes except when you hit spin (if you use an autoplay/auto spin feature, you outsource to the machine even that little amount of actual input).

Maximum Payout

That information is still unreleased, but we are confident that NetEnt will release it, along with some much needed promotional materials, sooner rather than later.


We have little info about what this game will actually be like, only some well-grounded speculation (which is still just speculation, at the end of the day). We do have high hopes for this title, and we will wait expectantly until September to give Motörhead’s official slot machine a spin.

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