Witch Pickings Quick Facts



  • Reels5
  • Pay-lines25
  • Max. Payout$50'000
  • Free SpinsYes

Witch Pickings

witch-pickings-slot-logoThe Witch Pickings video slot is a game that has many ways for people to win thanks to its assorted bonuses but it’s the theme of the game that will certainly bring people in. This game comes with a forest setting and has a whimsical look that features black cats, magic potions, crystal balls and other symbols relating to witches.

There’s also a symbol with three witches on it. This symbol is especially important as each witch will give the player a special bonus. This is provided that a player gets enough of this symbol to get free spins.

How to Play

This game comes with 25 lines on five reels and has forty betting lines to work with. A player can bet from one cent to two dollars on each of these betting lines. This in turn gives the player a chance to get a big payout if the right moves are made.

The game has payouts that go from left to right. It also offers wild symbols that will appear around the screen; these wild symbols feature magic crystal ball designs on them. The game has a good way for players to win but it’s important for a player to go after a better symbol – the scatter symbol that features the three witches on it.

The scatter symbol is important as a player who gets three or more of this symbol will get five free spins. A player can especially get some huge bonuses that are all of one’s choosing.

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Bonus Choices

The game has three sets of bonuses with three choices on each on them. There’s one set for every witch on the game. The player can choose from one bonus in each set. The combinations that a player can go after are rather varied but the player can only take one from each of the three sets and that choice will be used throughout the entire run of free spins. This includes cases where the free spins may be re-triggered although that might be for when a player gets a big payout.

The bonuses include choices that feature particular symbols including specific values for certain points around the screen. A player can get payouts selected for reaching certain symbols on the screen, for instance.

There’s a set of bonuses for wild symbols as well. these include bonuses that entail random wilds, multipliers for the wins and even expanding wilds that can cover entire reels.

The third set of bonuses entails the use of multiple winning features including multipliers and the option to get a re-trigger ready if more scatter symbols are found. Players can go after any of these bonuses.

Maximum Payouts

The top payouts on this slot can be good for thousands of coins in many of the best cases. The highest payout that is available for one single line is good for 800 times the original value of the line. This is a tough one to get but any player that can get the biggest possible line combinations will certainly benefit from getting some huge totals, thus making this one of the most appealing games for all to try out.


The Witch Pickings video slot is a great game that all players can enjoy going along with. This game not only has some good payouts and a fun theme but it also gives players the freedom to go after some good-sized bonuses, the possibilities on this slot are extensive thanks to how well the game and can be rather fun for all players to look for. This is an exciting game thanks to how players can get more out of the money that they are spending, what with there being so many good choices for all players to look after.

Where to Play

The Witch Pickings video slot is available at the Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos. These are two casinos that offer some attractive games for all to enjoy including the Witch Pickings game. These two casinos also come with some special bonuses like $200 in free money to get off of one’s first deposit plus ten free spins that can be used on a number of different video slots. These bonuses are among the most popular ones for people to look for in order to get some ways for anyone to win big.


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