Quick Facts



  • Reels5
  • Pay-lines25
  • Max. Payout6,250
  • Free SpinsYes

Titanic Slot Review

titanic slot logoDoubtless, Titanic left a legacy. You won’t probably find a person that doesn’t know about the transatlantic ship that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in their travel to New York City. But, for sure, most people know the film released in 1997 by the Oscar-winner James Cameron.

This film sat a before and an after in the way we used to know about all the Titanic episode. Plenty with a very romantic story between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, Titanic film was the film of the year and became one of the most iconic pieces of the cinema industry.

Bally Technologies, the American company, used this film for creating a slot. The physical version was released in September 2015 in a Las Vegas conference and it was a success. Now, they are planning to launch an online version, which is amazing to the gaming industry, especially for a target that can be exploited: female players.

We don’t certainly know how many paylines or reels this game will have, but we can make some predictions, because Bally Technologies is a company that never disappoints. We can say why we are so excited about this launch and what things you should expect about Titanic slot.


We all know that Bally Technologies has one of the largest and considerable experience in the manufacture of slot machines and other gaming technology (their principal fields according to their official web page).

Founded in 1968 and then acquired by Bally Gaming International in 1996, Bally Technologies hasn’t stopped to develop innovative and excellent creations available not only in online platforms but also in physic and penny machines that you can play in Las Vegas and in other famous casinos.

Now, they are focusing in delivering one of their best creations in online platforms, which is aiming to be one of the games of the year together with The Flintstones slot developed by Playtech.

How to play it

The original version counts with a very classic way of playing. In the version that was released in Las Vegas a penny slot, the game counted with 5 reels and 30 paylines. We can expect a similar number in the online version (a number between 20 and 50 paylines). The combinations of symbols probably will determine how much the reward is and if you won some bonus or free spins.

Special Features

Unfortunately, I don’t have any official information about this aspect. We don’t know how many extra or bonus games Titanic slot will have or even how many money you can make by the combination of the different symbols.

We known that the original physical version have the face of the actors, the Celine Dion’s face and other icons from the movie, but we don’t know the amount or how they can make you win money. However, we can assure by now that the theme is already a good feature.

We are expecting some similar features (like the original version), probably the mystery feature. They can improve and make a game for saving Jack and Rose, for example.

Maximum Payout

By knowing Bally Technologie style, Titanic slot will probably count with huge payouts. They can incorporate the progressive jackpot mode and, of course, multipliers. Nor do we known how much will be the coins amount, but I could say this is nothing to be worried about.


Titanic slot is in the eye of the storm. After a huge success in the original version, the online version has an enormous contribution to make. The American company already selected a theme that worths, so they only have to incorporate innovation and cleverness to the slot.

You should be excited about this launch because perhaps Titanic slot is going to be one of those games that counts with all the required elements for making an amazing game: design, great payouts, interaction and chances of winning. We can’t wait!

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