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  • Reels5
  • Pay-lines20
  • Free SpinsYes

The Flintstones

The Flintstones slot logoTry to remember the principal animated TV series that you usually watch in your childhood (flash backs could come instantly when you think about it). Now, do you remember the particular family who lived in the Stone Age with a very particular way of living?

Of course, you probably remember Fred Flintstones and his passion about bowling, his beautiful wife Wilma, their charming and smart daughter, Pebbles, their pet Dino and their friends, Barney Rubble, Betty Rubble and the little Bamm-Bamm Rubble. Yabba-Dabba Doo! You’ll probably remember The Flintstones!

This animated TV show was produced by Hanna-Barbera in the 60’s, but this was a cartoon that really prolong their existence and legacy for a while (I was born in the 90’s and I used to watch The Flintstones, so, figure it out).

This amazing cartoon was the theme selected by Playtech in the design and the development of the whole concept of their new online slot machine. The promotional video hasn’t be released yet, so I don’t certainly know how many lines or paylines this game will have, but there are some things that we can suppose by knowing Playtech’s portfolio and style.


Playtech is the brain behind the development of this new slot machine. This Estonian company has an excellent reputation. With every game, Playtech provides to players and to the whole community games with quality, innovation and originality. It’s really hard to find a game developed by Playtech that doesn’t have any special feature.

This leader enterprise is the world’s largest online gaming software supplier according to their official Web Site. The company was founded in 1999 in Estonia by a group of visionary entrepreneurs from casino areas like software engineering and multimedia industries.

They offer not only extremely well designed games, they also include to their services gaming products & software solutions, cross-platform management system, regulation services and licensees services. They aren’t limited to the development of games; they had improve in several areas in the industry, making an awesome business vision and strategy.

How to Play it

Well, this game hasn’t be released yet as I said, but I can figure it out that the distribution and the way of playing will have classical elements mixed with some aspects from the series. For example, they probably count with a spin and autoplay button and they probably will have at the bottom of the screen indispensable elements like your bet and winning score, the amount of your coins or pay line, etc.

I don’t certainly know if this will be a progressive jackpot game or just a classical game that includes some extra bonus, but the symbols’ design probably have main characters of the series. I can imagine that Playtech could design extra games that resemble Fred Flintstone playing bowling, for example. We will see.

Special Features

Without seeing the game or even the promotional video, I can assure that one special feature of this new slot machine designed by Playtech is the theme.

I’m pretty sure that many people remember this TV show and it was probably an important part of their childhood. I think they can release a super original slot machine, with a lot of extra or bonus games that makes reference to real episodes and behavior of the main characters.

Maximum Payouts

Knowing Playtech’s style, The Flintstones online slot machine probably will have a higher payout or maybe they can use the progressive jackpot mode mixing with a kind of bowling game.

In either case, I can’t tell you an exact amount of payout. This information hasn’t been launched yet. Probably we will have to wait until the promotional video.


Even though I don’t know this game in his online version, I can tell that The Flintstones projects as one of the best online slot machines of the year.

I love the theme, so Playtech can take advantage from that and make a game with a lot of original aspects. I personally say that I can’t wait! I love The Flintstones, so I’m looking forward to this launch.

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