Quick Facts



  • Reels5
  • Pay-lines15
  • Max. Payout10,000
  • Free SpinsYes

Super Heroes Slot Review

Coming to an online casino near you at some point shortly will be Yggdrasil’s Super Heroes video slot. Yggdrasil normally goes all-out when it comes to previewing their upcoming slot games, but for some reason or another, the Scandinavian online casino software provider is keeping this little baby close to their chest.

What is it that they are hiding? Until the slot is launched, or until a better video preview is released (Yggdrasil has released a 30-second animated clip, but hardly what anybody could consider a preview) we are being left to guess.


Once can have a reasonably good crack at guessing what Super Heroes will be like by taking a peak at other Yggdrasil developed slots. The company tends to develop wholly new structures and gaming engines for each of their games. It is part of what makes them unique.

One would imagine that there will a completely new engine for Super Heroes. However, their style of features often remains the same between their games. At this juncture, all we can do is postulate about what Yggdrasil may include based on what they have included in the past.

How to play

Yggdrasil doesn’t go overboard with their gaming structures. Many of their wagering range feature flexible paylines and adjustable line bets. Expect to find that coin values, paylines, and line bets will be adjustable in the upcoming Super Heroes slot.

If there is one thing Yggdrasil is good at, it is catering to players on shoestring budgets, so don’t expect a huge maximum wager limit, either.


Character features: We do know that the slot will contain six superheroes, who are being pegged as Knox, Raven, Tesla, Mirage, Hopper, and Trance. There are no prizes for guessing their hidden features.

Each of the six superheroes is capable of dishing out bonuses, which include extra free spins, multipliers, mystery wins, random wilds, symbol changes to guarantee big wins, and wild reels.

The superheroes in the slot will also be able to use their powers to bolster wins in the base game, as well as the inevitable free spins bonus which we can confirm has been included in the slot.

Wild symbols: There will be a handful of various wilds present via the super hero features. Given the surplus of wilds present via those features, we wouldn’t expect Yggdrasil to have included a standard wild in the base game. Nobody will be disappointed if there is one, though.

Free spins bonus: A free spins bonus has been confirmed for the slot, and we know that some of the superhero features include extra free spins. It wouldn’t surprise is in the slightest if the super hero features are more prevalent in the free spins bonus than in the base game.

Of course, a free spins bonus also implies a scatter or bonus icon, but we don’t know too much about that at this moment in time.

Maximum pay-outs

Yggdrasil doesn’t cough up millions in their games. They like a non-progressive jackpot that ranges from 2,500 coins up to 10,000 coins, so we can safely say that their top prize will pay around that region. There is nothing guaranteed in that statement, though.

As with other Yggdrasil developed slots, there will be probably be one single jackpot paying icon, as opposed to winning the jackpot with wilds.


At this moment in the time, a lot of this is conjecture. That has to be expected, though. There is a 30-second video preview which introduces the gambling world to the stars of the slot – the six superheroes – though that offers very little insight (if any at all) into what the slot will be like.

We’re looking forward to Super Heroes since it is guaranteed to feature top-notch 3D graphics like most Yggdrasil slots, will be very affordable, and will contain more special features than potentially any other slot created by this developer.

With everybody obsessed with super heroes at this moment, and Playtech’s Marvel super hero franchise disappearing from the market (thanks Disney), there is a gap in the market for a slot such as this.

There’s no telling when Super Heroes will make its debut, but we’ll be eagerly keeping our eyes on this one.

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