South Park Quick Facts



  • Reels5
  • Pay-lines25
  • Max. Payout1'250'000
  • Free SpinsYes

South Park

south-park-slot-logoThemed after the hugely popular television show of the same name; Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and Stan are all here to wreak havoc on the online slot world.

This superbly designed and 100% licensed Net Entertainment designed video slot is simply stunning. Using the same kind of graphics that you would expect to find in the hit TV show, South Park is everything you hoped it would be, and then some more!

How to play South Park slots online

South Park has a gaming structure which is certainly the norm for the video slot world. With its 25 paylines and 5 reels, there is nothing out of the ordinary here.

Coin values start out at just £0.25, although you can up their value to be worth £1.00 if you wish. Players can stake a total of 10 coins per payline, although they cannot adjust the number of paylines that they play with. South Park can therefore be played for as little as £0.25 per spin, or as much as £250 per spin.

Now when it comes to the icons used in this slot, Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan are worth the most money, and in that order. They haven’t rolled out of South Park alone though. Other icons include Mr Garrison, Butters and Stan’s Dad, amongst others. As well as those character based icons, the high playing card icons are also present, from 10s to Aces.

As mentioned, Net Ent has chosen to create the South Park slot as faithfully to the original TV show as possible, meaning the graphics could have rolled right off the screen and onto your computers.

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South Park’s bonus rounds

Where do you begin here? There are four main bonus rounds, one for each of the four main characters. The bonus rounds can be triggered when a bonus symbol appears on the third and fourth reel simultaneously, as well as a character bonus icon on the fifth reel.

The Kyle bonus round offers 10 free spins, with his little brother Ike acting as a special feature when a wild appears on the fifth reel. When this happens, Ike will drop down onto the screen, and Kyle then kicks Ike to land somewhere on a hopscotch map of additional bonuses and prizes.

The Kenny bonus round is the most difficult to trigger, and you take control of Kenny. You must guide the unfortunate boy throughout a path, without getting him killed. The further you get the more prizes you will win.

Cartman’s bonus round sees the chubby youngster take a fire extinguisher to hippies in the park. You must choose from 8 bushes to find the hippies. Be careful not to blast the Officer Barbrady more than once though, or your bonus is over.

Finally, the Stan bonus round is one of the most profitable there is in this title. Stan’s Bonus Spins begin as re-spins, although if Wendy appears and causes Stan to vomit, sticky wilds will attach themselves to the reels. As long as there are sticky wilds on the reels, free spins continue. Once you are out of sticky wilds, the bonus round is over.

South Park’s special features

There are also three randomly triggered features in this slot. Terrance and Phillip could appear and fart 3 wilds on the second, third and fourth reels. Mr Hanky could also appear, and drop poop anywhere on the reels, which turns icons on the first, third and fifth reels into wilds. Finally, Cartman could become “beefcake Cartman” and offer a 3×3 grid of wilds on the screen, which is always nice!

The wild symbol

The standard wild symbol in this slot is a simple square that has the word “wild”, written across it. These act as simple substitute symbols for all other icons, which the exception of bonus symbols. Wild icons by themselves are not worth any monetary value.

The South Park jackpot

The total jackpot that you could pick up when playing the South Park video slot machine game, is a non-progressive 1,250,000 coins. This is a truly superb jackpot, especially given the moderate maximum stake that the slot carries.

Other notes on South Park

If you’re a fan of the television show, then you’re certainly not going to think twice about playing this stunning little slot. If toilet humour and crudeness isn’t your style, then perhaps it might not be your cup of tea. Personally though, this slot has the lot. It has free spins, bonus rounds a plenty, cheap stakes, many wilds, and randomly triggered features. Who could possibly ask for more?

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