Machine Gun Unicorn Quick Facts


Genesis Gaming

  • Reels5
  • Pay-lines10
  • Max. Payout2000x
  • Free SpinsYes

Machine Gun Unicorn

machine-gun-unicorn-slot-logoThe Machine Gun Unicorn video slot is a game from Genesis that has a cartoon-like design where a unicorn has to go around and save a valley from zombies. As unusual as the game appears to be, it is also a game that gives players a fun series of ways to play and win some big totals.

This all comes from how a player can possibly win thousands of coins off of getting as many zombies off of this game. The game is entertaining and interesting and deserves to be explored for how it has a fun look that all people will want to keep on playing when they get to online casinos that feature this attractive game.

How to Play

This game uses five reels and ten lines. The ten lines operate under a two-way payout setup where the player can get the payouts from right to left as well as the regular way. This can give the player a better shot at getting some huge totals without the lines being far too complicated all around the place. Of course, a player needs to get as many like symbols as possible in order to actually get a better payout on this game.

The game requires the player to remove as many of the zombies on the screen as possible. This includes using plenty of successful combinations to make it easier for the game to clear out as many of these zombies as possible.

The game has various symbols and has a few wilds here and there to add to the possible payouts that players can get into. However, it is important for players to try and go after some bigger totals to make it more attractive for players who are trying to have more fun in a special gaming environment.

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Special Parts

The biggest special features on this slot come from features like the Stacked Symbol Substitution feature that replaces random symbols on a screen with like ones that can cause stacks all around select places. This can create something fun and challenging to try out.

The Symbol Bombs can all appear at random throughout the game and offer a better chance for players to win more money. These will cause assorted symbols paired together to explode and be replaced with new like symbols. This works well when there are zombies on the screen that have to be cleared out and replaced with new symbols. This will pay out more if there are more zombies involved in the game.

In addition, the game has the Machine Gun Unicorn Attack feature that appears at the middle part of the slot. This will come about with a simple symbol that can trigger an attack where all the zombie symbols on the screen at the time are eliminated. This in turn causes the player to get a better payout depending on what comes about; the best payouts are for when a player gets more zombies out.

Maximum Payout

Genesis has not released information the specifics on how many coins a player can get off of one spin. However, there is clearly a chance for a player to get a better payout if more symbols are revealed during the game. The challenge that comes with this game makes it a fun choice for all players to check out thanks to how it has so many ways for them to hit it big with just one spin.


As interesting as the concept of the game looks, the Machine Gun Unicorn video slot is a great game that will give a player a good shot for a big payout. The game is a charming and unique option for players to try out thanks to how it features some attractive ways for them to win. Be sure to check this game out when looking for a way to have fun.

Where to Play

The Machine Gun Unicorn video slot is available at the Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos. These are two casinos that have an assortment of appealing games including many options from Genesis. The casinos also have big welcome bonuses for all new real money players. These include deals with up to $200 on one’s welcome bonus plus an additional ten free spins available on select slots.


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