Hot As Hades Quick Facts



  • Reels5
  • Pay-lines20
  • Max. Payout500'000 Coins
  • Free SpinsYes

Hot As Hades Slot

hot-as-hades-slot-logoHot as Hades Video slot machine powered by none other than Microgaming software. With five reels and twenty fixed pay lines this cartoonish slot is promising enough. Released just recently in the start of July, but has gained a lot of popularity amongst players. The graphics are outstanding and sound work suits very well to this 3D slot machine.

Theme of The Game

Microgaming took a different approach when portraying this Greek Mythology Themed slot. Making it not as books described with fierce gods, but rather lovable cartoonish characters with good hearts.

You will get into the action as the Hades himself, following his every footstep during this adventures game and let’s not forget Hades loyal three headed dog Cerberus who will help out on occasions. On the reel and in the bonus round you’ll meet Medusa and your brothers and fellow gods – Zeus and Poseidon.

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How To Play?

At the begging of game make sure you have set everything to meet your preferences. The bet size is adjusted by clicking +/- buttons on the bottom of slot, your spin cost can range from as little as 0.20 to maximum of 50.00. You won’t have a chance to change the pay line count as it is fixed to 20.

You can start the game by clicking “Spin” button to start the reel and let it stop on their own or you can press “Stop” by yourself. If you don’t like to click for each spin then “Auto Play” option is for you. Set your desired spin amount and relax in the chair while the spinning goes on.

If you prefer to make your spins even faster you can check the “Quickspin” box in the options menu. Here you switch off animated background to improve slots performance.

Maximum Payout

You can get two big payouts in the bonus rounds. The first one is in the Quest for Crystal Helm where if you’re able to complete all tasks on A+ and find the crystal helm itself, your reward can reach 260 times the stake you play for.

On the other bonus round “Super Mode Free Spins” you reward can reach even higher limits. The highest possible reward can be up to 2,000 for current stake you play.

Bonus Features

First and most lucrative bonus round “Super Mode Free Spins” starts randomly. Hades will come and help you out by holding some wild symbols in place, three total of wilds can be held in one free spin round. This can get you up to 100,000 coins in your wallet.

The second bonus feature won’t give you such high prizes, but it happens more often. When three or more scatter symbols hit the reels you can go on the Quest for Crystal Helm.Hades then will leave underworld to journey across the lands and oceans.

In each round you will have five options to choose from and one of them will contain “Win All” bonus to scoop all prizes from current level, latter levels will have “Block option” that will end your trip.

In the 1st round you will have to choose a pot, where one has “Win All” and the rest contains different cash prizes. In 2nd round you must choose correct path to pass Medusa with her snake hair, but be aware that this round contains one “Block Option” ending bonus round. On the 3rd round you’ll sail through ocean and Poseidon will give you a more difficult task. This time there is two “Block Options”. If you sailed safely to Mount

Olympus you will need to pass the last test provided by your brother Zeus, the same rules apply as with Poseidons. If you passed all rounds you can now take a breath and choose from 5 treasure chest, one has The Crystal Helm in it, the rest is filled with coins. The Crystal Helm is like “Win All” bonus and you will have 2 chances to figure out the correct chest.

Best Casino for Playing It

This fantastic Microgaming Slot machine is available at our favorite casino operator – They will provide a large selection of games, safe environment and helpful support.

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