Quick Facts



  • Reels5
  • Pay-lines40
  • Max. Payout1000x
  • Free SpinsYes

Cleopatra Plus

There have already been a number of games released in the Cleopatra series, and as one of IGT’s flagship slots, much is expected of their latest offering.

Cleopatra Plus is very much in the same vein as those titles which have gone before, it, although it does look considerably niftier when it comes to its graphics.

Like its sister slots, this one contains predictable Ancient Egyptian imagery coughing smaller wins, mixed together with the more substantial symbols, such as the Ptolemaic Queen herself. With so many Ancient Egyptian themed slots out there on the net already, Cleopatra Plus must do something impressive to stand out.


Make no mistake about it; Cleopatra is big business to IGT. The original Cleopatra slot is still played today, nigh on a decade after it first took its bow in the online casino world. Not many slots can say the same. Cleopatra II has been less successful, with many still preferring its predecessor.

There has even been a Mega Jackpots version of Cleopatra, and understandably this one has a large following, though it is virtually no different from the first game in the series. Just where Cleopatra Plus will fit in is not immediately apparent at first glance.


How to play

The wagering panel which appears in Cleopatra Plus is certainly no different to those which have appeared in its predecessors, blending in with the theme of the slot rather nicely. Anybody who has tried their hand at those slots will know full well how it all works. For those that don’t, Cleopatra Plus allows you to alter your coin denominations, though all 40 paylines are non-adjustable.

At its cheapest, you can expect to be made to wager 40p a pop, whilst the maximum stake is likely to reach up to £400 per spin at the very least. This cannot be confirmed at this moment in time, though.


Wild symbols: Cleopatra Plus uses the Ptolemaic Queen herself as the wild symbol. Egypt’s last pharaoh can substitute for all other symbols in the slot, with the exception of the golden pharaoh icons. Wilds symbols can appear in stacks 2, 3, 6, or 10 symbols deep in this slot. Wilds will double the value of all wins in which they appear.

Level Up Plus: The Level Up Plus feature is what makes Cleopatra Plus so unique when compared to its sister slots. Players can level up by earning awards, spinning the reels, and being successful when playing the slot. The better you do, and the longer you play, the quicker you will level up.

Map bonuses: At the top of the reels of this slot will be two symbols. One of them is the Aset logo (which resembles a bird), and the other is the Heart of Aset counter.

When you collect pharaoh symbols on the reels of the game, the counter will rise. Once it is full, a new bonus map will be available, which can be used when you next trigger a bonus.

Cleopatra bonus: The Cleopatra bonus can only be triggered if you land 3 or more pharaoh icons on the reels at any one time. Once the bonus is activated, you can select a realm from on the side of the temple.

Which realm you can choose depends on the level you have unlocked, as mentioned above. Players will get to place “followers” on locations across the country, at a rate of 1, 2 or 3 followers for 1, 2 or 3 bonus icons located in the base game, as well as pocket a default 5 free spins. Players can place their followers on the maps which they have unlocked.

Every follower you place will earn you a bonus feature for use in your free spins game, such as an instant win cash prize, more free spins, or multipliers. The more maps you have unlocked, the bigger and better these bonuses will be. Once you have done this, the bonus round begins properly.

Maximum Payouts

Cleopatra Plus contains a standard top paying payline prize of 1,500 coins. In order to win this prize, players will need to line up 5 of the wild symbols across any payline in the game. Given that wilds are stacked, it is theoretically possible to win considerably more, if you land stacked wilds across the screen.


Cleopatra Plus is shaping up to be an absolutely solid slot machine. There is no definitive release date yet, but we can say with a certain degree of confidence that Cleopatra Plus could just the big slot surprise package this autumn.

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