Bullseye Quick Facts



  • Reels5
  • Pay-lines243
  • Max. Payout1'215'000 Coins
  • Free SpinsYes


bullseye-slot-logoMicrogaming made the Bullseye video slot as a basic game that comes with a series of dart-themed symbols. It features a series of darts symbols that include the actual throwing items themselves and dart boards alike. The bull animal is also included within the casino to offer some fun features within the game.

The game has been designed with a pattern that makes it similar to the classic bar game but the various special features scattered around the place make it a little more intriguing to all who want to find something fun to play with. This especially comes with a good bonus game that offers the most money to players. The challenges that come from the game make it a popular choice but it’s important for players to look around to see what is available when finding something fun and thrilling for all to look out for.

How to Play

This game uses five reels and 243 ways to win. There are thirty coins to use on each spin as well. A player can choose to work with a multiplier for the spin with the options going from thirty coins all the way to 300. This allows for a player to possibly geo after a larger payout when playing with this exciting game.

The game requires players to get three symbols in a row from left to right starting on the first reel. The arrangement of symbols around the screen makes it easier for players to possibly get good payouts depending on what will show up within the game, thus making this all the more fun for players to look out for.

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Special Parts

This game has wild symbols like many other games out there but there are many more things to look forward to. First, the dartboard symbol is especially important as it can become a bonus symbol at varying points. A player needs this bonus symbol to appear several times to get free spins and other rewards.

In particular, the game gives out more bonuses if the first and fifth reels have the bonus dartboard symbols on them. This works to give the player free spins and also a chance to win something bigger off of a special round.

The special round feature works in that the player will get access to a large dart board. This will allow the player to throw a series of darts onto the board. These will go all around different spots on the board at random and will potentially give a player a better chance to hit a good-sized jackpot. This is thanks in part to how the game offers some big payouts based on whatever may appear around the game.

Maximum Payouts

The total payouts that are offered on this video slot include some great totals. The Bullseye game offers thousands of coins on individual spins thanks to how the bonus game gives out a varied number of payouts depending on what the player can get out of it.

This in turn offers a better chance for a player to get a huge total but it will be important for a player to look around the game to see what is being offered in order to possibly get a better total out of the game in general, thus making it all the more thrilling for players to check out and use.


The fun of the Bullseye video slot comes from how unpredictable the game is. It requires plenty of luck but it also rewards players who are persistent enough to go after the best possible totals. The ability to get into the special darts bonus game will especially make this a hit among players as they will look to reach that proverbial bullseye when playing here.

Where to Play

The Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos are two places that have the Bullseye video slot for all to play with. These two casinos have this game and many other popular video slots with many of them being available for use on different mobile devices.

They also have some popular recurring bonuses although the top one is a $200 bonus that is available for a player to use on one’s first deposit, thus making this game more exciting for those who want to try out something new at a different casino.

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