Quick Facts



  • Reels5
  • Pay-lines30
  • Max. Payout75'000
  • Free SpinsYes

4 Seasons

4-seasons-slot-logoPrepare for a cuteness overload when playing 4 Seasons by Betsoft. All reel symbols in this game are cute, baby-ish representations of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. As you might expect, the game’s entire theme is inspired by Chinese culture. The name itself, 4 Seasons, comes from this idea.

You see, this game doesn’t have normal reel symbols per se, all the 12 symbols pay up the same amount, but the value of the symbols changes “seasonally”. The game has a “Seasonal Wheel” with all twelve animals on it, and every 30 spins, it rotates counterclockwise. The symbol at the top of the wheel pays ten times as much and will be golden, the two ones beside it will pay five times as much and will be silver, and the three ones on each side of the silver ones will pay twice as much, and be bronze.

This is a very elegant solution that prevents any one zodiac symbol to be taken as intrinsically more valuable by the developers.
This 5×3 reel, 30 payline game has some interesting features besides changing reel values, so it’s not just a show of cute fauna.


Betsoft is a developer that is well known for crafting games with high-quality 3D graphics, like Greedy Goblins, Mr Vegas, and Rooks Revenge.

Beyond slot machines, they are also known for creating other classic casino games, like Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker (notably, their fully 3D title, Poker3).

How to Play It

This game’s UI is not too different from the standard in most virtual slots. User controls are all at the bottom of the screen. Bottom right, you have the Max bet, spin, double up, and auto play buttons.

Auto play, as is usual, opens up a window where you can set the details of your autoplay session (number of spins, wager, etc). Left of those buttons, you have an indicator for your winnings, and two controls, to set coin value and wagers.

On the bottom left corner, there’s the Seasonal Wheel, which indicates which animals are worth more at that moment. Below it, there is a progress bar, to let you know how close you are to a change of symbol value.

Special Features

The biggest, most important feature may seem like the “seasonal” change of symbol value, but this is an essentially cosmetic feature. Your gameplay isn’t bound to change too much depending on which doe-eyed critter is in front of a gold plated backdrop when you hit the spin button. 4 Seasons does offer some interesting special features to keep you playing, though.

The best feature, in my humble opinion, is the double up feature. After each payout (on a regular spin), you can hit the double up button. If you do, a window will open up, and you can gamble that winning, double or nothing, on a coin flip. That’s a feature to be appreciated by the adventurous risk-takers out there.

Other features include wild symbols (here, a maneki-neko golden cat), and scatter symbols (land three Ying-Yang symbols, and start those free spins!).

Maximum Payouts

This cute festival has a jackpot of 50000 coins. Coin value can be set between 0.02 to 1 credit; you’ll have to your own math to determine your actual coin value depending on the value of each credit.


This game can be entertaining, but it’s no shining star. The Seasonal Wheel easily fades in the background and becomes just another cosmetic touch very, very rapidly. Its other features are nothing out of the ordinary, really.

The best feature it has is the double up button, which can really add an edge to 4 Season’s otherwise unremarkable gameplay. The visuals are really cute; too cute, dare I say.

In short, if you don’t mind fifteen googly-eyed cartoon animals staring at you for prolonged periods of time, and you enjoy to gamble your winnings while you gamble, this game is for you.

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